More Torture

The Wait list!  Oh dear God as if waiting six months for an answer wasn’t enough now you’re going to torture my son with a wait list option?  And he clicked on “accept wait list”.

Oh no! What could be worse?  Four wait lists.  Yes, that’s right.  I said FOUR.

And it’s F***ed.  He was qualified to apply, met all of the requirements and wrote strong essays. So why are we in this position?  That’s the million dollar question.  Yes, I feel badly for him but the attitude has to stop.  Anyone else feel this way? The world does not revolve around him.  WHAT?  Oh dear God, he thought it did and so now we are left consoling the kid who is bright, good looking, an over achiever and disappointed.

What are we to do?

Wait! And then, wait some more.

Because that’s what these colleges expect us to do. Like we have nothing else better to do. The wait list is a college’s safety net and they will release students from the list when they are good and ready.  It’s also not likely wait list student will receive any merit awards.

Define fair.  This isn’t it.

The Washington Post listed their most recent data regarding Wait List and it ain’t pretty.  100 Selective Colleges and their Wait List data.  So what do we tell our grumpy seniors who are angry and frustrated and taking it out on dear ole’ mom?

I know I would never tell my kid to wait for anything else.  No girl, no boy, no job…nothing is worth the wait.  If they don’t want you, move on.  But in this case, we will sit patiently and wait.

“Waitlists allow colleges to target acceptance letters to students likely to attend to maintain the college’s selectivity ranking and yield.” Wikipedia


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